How to install windows 11 without losing apps and files

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today I will show you how to install Windows 11 without losing your existing files and applications

1 – Check If Your PC or Laptop Can Run Windows 11

before guys there is an important thing to say before installing Windows 11 you need to check if your computer will support Windows 11 and in order to do that there is a little application or checker on the Microsoft website and by installing this little application you will know that your computer is ready to install Windows 11 and you will also check if all the settings on your computer are okay for you to begin the installation.
so it is very easy to install after navigating through the Microsoft website and right after clicking on this section Windows 11
all what you need to do is navigate down through the question and answer and then you will find the question
How do I know if my current Windows 10 PC meets the hardware requirements for Windows 11? so click on this flesh and now you will be able to see
the download link to download the app and install it on your PC. in order to check if there
is any issue with your Hardware in order to accept this new system.

2 – Download Windows 11 ISO File

so right now after we check that our computer will accept the new operating system Windows 11, let’s go over the downloading process
, so right now at the time of this video we only have a test version of Windows 11, and it is not from the Microsoft website, so in
the description below I will put all the links in order for you to download the Windows 11 version and then when we have some
changes when Microsoft will put a link or source to download the version I will be updating the links.

  • Direct download links:

3 – windows 11 installation process

so, in this step, all you need to do is right-click on your Windows 11 ISO file and then select the option extract to a folder.
there is no need for a USB drive you can extract the file anywhere on your computer so after that, you will find the setup inside the file that we have just extracted, so all we need now is double click on that and the installation will begin.
so here you can see the windows 11 installation is similar to all Windows 10 installations so you just need to follow the steps like accepting the terms and conditions and choosing what type of Windows 11 you want and until we arrived to the step ready to install, in this section, you’ll find a clickable option that says change
what to keep, after clicking there is three option behind.
the first option keep personal files and apps will allow you to keep everything in your computer in place and change only your old windows to Windows 11.
the second option keep personal files only by choosing this option all the applications and software will be deleted and the system will keep only your files the last one that says nothing by choosing this one everything on your computer will be deleted.
here at this step, you need to be careful and choose the right option for you and then everything will be preceded automatically, do not touch the power button or cable, the process will take some time, you just need to be patient it depends on your computer performance, then you will need to accomplish some customization
such as the language, the Microsoft account, the privacy settings …
that’s it I hope you enjoyed your new system WINDOWS 11, but there is one thing to do at the end don’t forget to clean your C drive in order to delete the old system files and to Free your Disk Space thank you guys don’t forget to subscribe to FIXITFREE for more.