How to Disable Startup Apps and tasks in Windows 11

this article is in place to help you to limit all the apps and tasks that are running in the background every time you start your computer and this will boost your computer performance and you will notice the difference.

so for those of you who don’t know what is a startup programs, basically every time you try to turn on your computer after the lunching of the interface the system will try to assemble all the apps that you need in the background and the process is going in the same time your interface is prepared for you and it can be good if you are using those apps but sometimes there is some apps and tasks that you don’t use anymore or you don’t use often and this will cost you time to lunch those programs every time.

there are many where you can disable startup programs in Windows 11 and in this article, we will go through 3 methods to do that

Disable Startup Programs in Settings

Disable Startup Programs in Settings

right-click on the ‘Start’ icon and select ‘Settings’

In ‘Settings’, select the ‘Apps’ tab on the left.

by clicking on the tab you will get a list of all your programs on your computer and by clicking on or off you decide whether you want the software to do be launched in the startup of your windows 11.

2 methods left especially if you want also to stop that unwanted tasks watch the video below.

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